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How do I log in to the library web page?

I need some help to log in to the library web page.

Stockholms universitetsbibliotek Rapportera olämpligt innehåll


  • Hi!
    Here is information about how to log in to the library systems:

    There are a number of ways to login to get database access, but I think this one is easiest to follow:

    1. Go to the library site http://su.se/english/library/
    2. Click on the button 'My pages' in the right hand menu
    3. Click the link text 'Log in' and then use your general university id and password to login
    4. Go to the start page (top menu, to the left)
    5. To find a database:Go to the link 'Databases A-Z' just under the main search box for books. Or to find an e-book, search for it directly in the search box.
    6. You should have direct access to the database or e-book without any further logins required.
    Carolina Kundservice

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