I cannot log in to the library web page (My Library Account)

If you cannot log in to My Library Account on the library web page, it might have the following explanation:

  • In order to be able to log in to the library web page you have to have an active university account and a university card. If you have not yet ordered your university card, you can do it here: su.se/nyttkort. When you have ordered your card it will take 3-5 days before you will be registered in the library system and able to log in to the library web page. Please note that you as a student don't have to log in to "My Library Account" in order to access e-books and articles. You only require an active university account to access the e-resources. How to access e-books. How to access articles.

  • If you no longer are registered as a student at the university, you will have to create a new login to the library web page. You create a new login here. Please note that this new login will only let you access "My Library Account" where you can see your loans. It will not let you access our e-resources from home. 

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