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How can I get bibliometric numbers from Web of Science?

I need bibliometri numbers (Citations and h-index) from Web of Science --- this is urgent for a grant application that requires using Web of Science. Stockholm University Library has a link to it:


But then, I can't register into the Web of Science, even while logged into the SU library services with my SU account.

The above page has a link to Web of Science, which opens with error:


There, it is not possible to register.
There is only:

  • Sign In
  • and a pulled down menu to select "institution's group or regional affiliation", but I do not know what it is.

Best Regards,


  • Hi,

    Thank you for your query.

    You do not need to create a personal user name in order to have access to the Web of Science database or to create lists of your own citations. You do however need to be logged in through the library or the university network to get access to the data. Here's some instructions:

    To create a personal citation report
    Once you have access to the database, it is fairly easy to search for entries with your name and to extract an excel file with the results. There are several methods to search for information, but I'll try to explain one:

    1. On the first page of the database there's one main search box called 'Basic Search'
    2. In that main box, type your last name and first initial like this: Loukanova, R
    3. In the other parameter box, choose 'Author' to ensure that it only looks for items where your name has been registered as an author.
    4. Hit the 'Search button'
    5. The page is reloaded and you will see the search results (I found 11 entries under your name, does that seem correct to you?). I recommend to make a general sanity check of the records found. Is the name spelled right? Are the articles all credited properly to you?
    6. To see the system analysis of these entries, click the link text 'Create Citation Report' in the upper right region of the search result list.
    7. The analysis of the records found will be shown directly on the screen, and the h-index is created automatically.
    8. You can export the Citation Report in .txt or .xls format, choose this at the bottom of the screen with a special button. Remember to include all 11 records.

    I've made a quick guide with screen shots, which can be found as an attached file to this response.

    Please let us know if you can use these instructions, or if you still have problems getting access to the database or downloading your personal citation analysis.
    Good luck with the application!
    Kind regards,

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  • Hi, I have a similar problem. When I follow the links to the databases, even when I am logged in to the library, I only reach the log in page of WiS or Scopus. I have no access to the databases.
    What am I doing wrong?
    I englose print screens of the webpages I am landing at after clicking at the links at the library webpage.

    Kind regards,

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  • Hi,

    It is hard to know exactly what the problem is. Are you using the database from home, or at the university? What kind of computer are you using? Which type of browser are you using?

    You could try to login with the proxy bookmarklet see instructions here: http://su.se/english/library/search-use/remote-.... Just go to the Scopus website and then when the login request comes up, use the bookmarklet in your browser which should redirect you to the university login page that would give you access.

    Let us know if this still doesn't work, and we can have a look at it again.
    Kind regards,

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