Why can't I access Westlaw UK?


I was wondering why I am unable to access Westlaw UK?
Branka Marusic Rapportera olämpligt innehåll


  • Stockholm university Library’s subscription Westlaw UK is canceled. It is also the reason it is removed from Databases A-Z.

    We canceled Westlaw UK due to the low usage and because most of the content also could be found in Westlaw Next.

    Kind regards
    Media, Stockholms universitetsbibliotek
  • Hi

    Are you returning the access for European intellectual property review that is not avilable now due to this? This also reffers to the lack of access for Grur Int https://academic.oup.com/grurint.

    Branka Marusic
  • Stockholm university does not have a subscription to either of those journals but Grur International, 2632-8550, will be included in our Oxford package 2021.

    You can always send in a request for a journal subscription via the order form on our first page.

    Kind regards

    Media, Stockholms universitetsbibliotek

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