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Electronic book unreadable

From this search: http://libris.kb.se/bib/19469286, we should have Morton's Dark Ecology to read. But the link takes me to: https://www.degruyter.com/viewbooktoc/product/4.... I am unable to read the actual text.


  • Hello,

    We have access to almost everything from De Gruyter but unfortunately this is a title that we do not have access to. We have removed the incorrect link from the catalog and instead bought the title from another supplier.
    You will have access to the title on the EBSCO eBook platform within 24 hours. Find EBSCO eBook Collection in our database list http://www.sub.su.se/databaser-a-o/ and log in with your university account. Then search the title on the platform.

    Within short this e-book will be accessible through our catalogue as well.

    best regards,


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