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How do I find an e-resource?

How do I search for, and find an e-resource?
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  • This is how you find an e-resource:
    • Go to our web page http://su.se/english/library/
    • Click on "My pages" and log in with your university account
    • Go back to the start page and write the title of the journal/book in the search box
    • Change the page language to English at the top of the page
    • Choose the right book/journal in the hit list. Make sure that it also says "E-book or E-journal". This means that it is an e-resource
    • Click on the blue text that says "Read full" below "Stockholms universitetsbibliotek, Digitala resurser (HdiE)"
    • A new tab will open. Click on the right link with the right years.
    • You have now reached the book/journal. 
    Read more about downloading and reading e-books.

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