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Can I borrow books as an external user?

I am Senior Researcher from Denmark affiliated at Utrikespolitiska Instituttet until June 2018 - I want to borrow a book; If I come, can I have a library card/library account?

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  • Hi!

    In order to get a library account, if you are not a student or researcher at Stockholm University, you need to be over 18 years and present a photo identification card that was issued in Sweden. If you do not have a Swedish ID-card, unfortunately you cannot borrow books. Learn more about how to get a library account.

    You are still welcome to visit us and use our resources in the library!

    Best regards
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  • Hi,

    Does this mean that I can borrow books for free, even if I am not a student? Or would it cost money? Can I get a login to https://sub.su.se/mitt-bibliotekskonto/ as well?

    Thank you so much for an answer
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  • Hi,

    All our services are free of charge.

    If you get a library account, you will be able to login to My Library Account and you will be able to borrow books from us. Please note that the log in to My Library Account will not give you access to our e-resources, only student/researcher at Stockholm university can access our e-resources.

    Frida Biblioteket
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